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Why Flexlog?

  • Full data transparency
  • Full cold chain traceability
  • Cloud access
  • Real time alarms
  • Cost savings solutions

Our Features

Quality Assurance REINVENTED

With Flexlog, your QA team can reach much further, much easier and much cheaper also. Monitor your product "on the shelf" and keep full control of cold chain transportation,

Your fleet Safe. 24/7 monitoring team

We have a team 24/7 looking after your fleet remotely and will be ready to act if crashing alarm or signal jamming tentative is identified.

Know more our powerful FLX-MLO
Track your fleet and real time shipment conditions

Our MLO tracker is the only device that combines Quality Assurance Controls (Temperature Monitoring), Safety features (Crash Detection/Speeding Detection), Transparency with all involved parties (Cloud access to customers and fowarders to access shipment data and get alarms in real time) and many more benefits like geoposition tracking, multiple connectivity options for faster payback option, anti-theft protection and more...

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Use our FLX-MLB for intercontinental cold chain transparency

With our disposable temperature data logger, all stakeholders involved on a cold chain shipment (sea freight/reefer container), gets at the same time the information of the cargo conditions, with no chances for data manipulation.

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With FLX-FGO you can now track your products even at the point of sale and guarantee the quality for your customers

We understand that its a waste of time and money if you have a full quality control in your manufacturing process, a full control in your logistics process but if your product gets spoiled where it most matters that is at the point of sale. Now you can track the conditions and receive alarms if your frozen/chilled products are at risk. Let's us keep you ahead of your competitors.

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